JD and his Lo​-​Fi Feelings

by JD and his Lo-Fi Feelings

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released January 23, 2012



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ThrashKitten Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Dream World
When I close my eyes at night, I travel to another world.
There I find good friends of mine, and a sea of cats and pretty girls.
Islands floating in the sky, and waterfalls going down and down and down and down.
past and future all as one, the world of my dreams.

When I open my eyes in light, I try to remember the things that i've just seen.
What just happened? Where was this place?
Well I guess I'll never know.
until next time.
Track Name: Max the Cat
Max you are my Kitty Cat and I love you.
You and Me watch TV, We go to the movies.
Jugamos video juegas y su es mi gato favorito.
Max you are quite overweight, but I still love you.
We eat snacks together, We wear clothes of leather
Play in sunny weather, Spend our lives together.
Track Name: Hercules in New York
Herc comes down from
Mount Olympus
He's tired of
The same old things

Herc meets Pretzi, Pretzi sells pretzels, They become friends.
They ride in chariots, they play in Olympics, making the big bucks.
Herc gets a girlfriend, beats up her boyfriend, at a tea party.

He fights wrestlers, he fights mobsters, and other Greek gods.
He also fights a big bear, Beat him up Herc, beat him up.

Herc and Pretzi, best friends forever, travel to earth and back to Mount Olympus, Herc knows it very well.
They have each others backs even when being attacked by thirty something mobsters.

But Herc goes home and leaves Pretzi alone.

Hercs an asshole, He leaves Pretzi