The Grape Tape [EP]

by Bill Grapes

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Album Artwork Mat Seibert @

Nitro Gally played by Nnamdi @

Drill Millyenz played by Luscious Duncan

Morimoto was there too @


released April 28, 2017

Produced / Mixed / Mastered by ThrashKitten



all rights reserved


ThrashKitten Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Bill Grapes
Woo ha
I just bought a new hat at the shoe shop
all grapes everything
driveway made of moon rock, 2 toned nikes with the crew socks
you not Bill Grapes you only can dream
I'm Bill Grapes and a great man is he
I'll pump it. I'll really get it pumpin. I feel like I'm really really on to somethin
Aint nobody can touch me I'm quick with the moves.
Can't say that I'm not lucky I was born with em too
Can't say my name without humming I always bring tunes
Cant really say how I make em I just up and I do
I just want to move up out the zoo
Want to move up to the top
Bill Grapes need a spot.
Hot Hots what I got
Lookin so fancy head bashing I got tracks that slam like poets
What you got
Go take a nap on the cot
I don't claim that I rap like a god
I just claim that I rap like you not
I just aim and I bang on them bars and the name on my card yeah I say that alot

Bill grapes x 1000

Grapes going wild at a party I aint even stepped in
I'm outside rapping doing dances and i'm stealing all your friends
and they say that I'm the coolest

Flashy boy. Flashy dance. No belt. hold the pants.
arm out. Far out. Reach a yunk before he start out.
I can smell a fake just like the farmhouse.
what i'm about?
what you about?
you bout to get chomped, chewed spit out
you should already know, that i'm that antidote.
I'm the grapest of them all and there aint no doubt

Bill Grapes x 100

Bill Grapes am I
wine off the vine, Hottsauce right in your eye.
Bill Grapes i'm the guy who does it
(who that cracka)
Bill Grapes am I
Wine off the vine Hottsauce right in your eye
Bill Grapes I'm the guy. Who loves me?
I'm Yosemite Same.
Bout to blow up, Golden Gun in my hand.
Your Bars are lame and your face is ugly
I got the remedy man. Drinkin soda with the spirits inside
Man i need fame and I want the money

Bill Grapes x infiniti x forever
Track Name: Wine Off the Vine (Ft. Nitro Gally)
I'm sellin wine off the vine
wine off the vine
it's prime time all the time
wine off the vine

I'm feelin fine all the time
caught a yunk sneakin, that's a crime
caught him rolling in my country. chicken's fried.
Keep quiet you be silent you's a mime (Charlie chaplin)
I don't like a fake it would be great if you's suicide
that's the easy way or i can ease the pain you get euthenized
just one snap. you a who? Doc Seuss am I.
Horton heard a yunk.
not a word I heard.
i'm too quick for you losers alright
I don't rhyme all the time
pouring down juice off them brightly colored leaves
this that hottsauce watch the world get silly
if you ain't heard grapes then you hardly in the know
don't fued with my family I'm Steve Harvey of this show
keep that 2 bit naggin i'm the yunk watch on patrol
keep them 2 shoes movin i'm too quick for movin slow
You too busy snoozin, I'm too slick to close my eyes

[Chorus = Wine off the vine]

this juice 100%
consistent numbers from the crew I represent
consists of I and Bill Grapes I always win
Knock a speaker out everytime I be goin in
and I be goin in
I'm straight tired of going in
I don't need no fuckin fuel i provide fire from within
Man i'm hungry need some dinner
glass of wine cause im a winner
more girlies fine so i'm a kisser
cuttin tracks like tougher scissors
Track Name: Hottsauce (Ft. Drill Millyenz)
Bill Grapes grapes grapes yeah i got the hotsauce
you cant handle all this heat boy
grapes of rap been warmin up the streets boy
find a yunkin hang him by his shoes. You lose.
Bill grapes shoot it straight why you confused?
I done danced up on the news
you done been bad you yunk (you yunk)
run you over going real fast in a truck
Micheal Jordan dunkin and I dont even ball
all assorted colors grapes is always sharp
just record me and you know I got that hottsauce
Im mixin grape juice in the waterfall rockin overalls
It's hottsauce when I'm on track I done broke badd
you broke back yunks slipped up go Call Saul
Yall some midgets and I'm like 10 feet tall yall
My tracks be kickin like they got 10 feet ha ha