by ThrashKitten

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I don't want to ever see you cry
Just put aside what we're fighting baby girl. let me tell you how much I love you
Hold my hand and look into my eyes
ooh girl let me show how I feel so you see baby I mean it too

Girl you my main squeeze you my best friend you the bees knees you my whole world we the same team got me tripped up crazy saying strange things

And I dont ever want to see you cry
Hold my hand and don't shed a single tear cause I tell you babe it hurts me too

Basement shows where we met. You were there for BADD times and girl I just know you'll be there when they end.
A girl so sweet I was hooked at the library reading books just to look up at ya try to be a friend. Didn't want to be your friend. Girl I want be your man. Now
4 years later got the object on your hand.
Told you like that I don't quit. I got fans I got chicks chasin after. Who could blame em I'm a rapper but I tell em baby I got you
I ain't much of a man
But I'm a one a woman man
I wanna have a couple kids maybe a few
Girl I wouldn'ts say it if it wasn't true
I don't like to put out feelings from the recording booth
I'm not going to tell you that I'm perfect. No Because I'm not.
But baby I don't want to ever hurt you
(When I'm wrong)
If anybody does I'll get em. Get rocked.
on the spot
Knight in shining stardom I'm a winner. Thick socks I'm hot shot even when I think not
Even when
I feel
down girl I know you'll be there
You my rock. You rock
When I'm goin off track help me steer me clear dear When I'm famous and I'm payin for that air fare Dear I'm
sayin you my lady for a thousand years
you (only)
Got me drunk in love like a thousand beers
Girl it's
true boo you, family and the homies
Lets get out here


released June 13, 2016



all rights reserved


ThrashKitten Chicago, Illinois


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